Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Authentication is required to create a color managed device kde vnc group

This is the message I get everytime I need to resize the screen with VNC using KDE / Plasma 5.

A bug report has been filed by someone else with Redhat in regards to this issue:

And Orion Poplawski posted a workaround which consists of:

You can place a .rules file in /etc/polkit-1/rules.d

I'm doing in 02-allow-colord.rules:

polkit.addRule(function(action, subject) {
   if (( == "org.freedesktop.color-manager.create-device" || == "org.freedesktop.color-manager.create-profile" || == "org.freedesktop.color-manager.delete-device" || == "org.freedesktop.color-manager.delete-profile" || == "org.freedesktop.color-manager.modify-device" || == "org.freedesktop.color-manager.modify-profile") &&
       subject.isInGroup("nwra")) {
      return polkit.Result.YES;


  1. I did this on my Centos 7 where I had this problem with Tigervnc getting this dialogue each time I resize the Window. Only change was I changed the group since nwra does not exist in (my) Centos.
    Examine your /etc/group to see which group is apropriate.

  2. Yes, you are quite right - that group does not necessarily exist. You could create a group by any name and add users to it.

    This text was quoted from Orion Poplawski who seems to have been using that group. If you follow the link to the bug report on bugzilla, you will see the full explanation.